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In order to have a good digestion and better heart health, fiber is considered to be one of the most important elements that can help in improving that area. We can find fiber in many food sources like peas, beans, raspberries, and artichokes.

Some people don’t get enough amount of fiber from their food. Therefore, they can actually increase the amount of fiber in their meals by consuming a fiber supplement. They are available in many forms including tablets, powder and capsules. Usually, people use fiber supplements due to constipation in order to get a short period of relief. It also helps them in managing their weight since it makes them really full the whole time.

However, it is always considered better to ask advice from your doctor before taking any supplements in order to know which one is the right for you. There are two types of fiber supplement. First, we have the extracted natural fibers including lignin (a compound found in plant cells), cellulose (a sugar found in plant cells), pectin (a sugar found in fruits and berries), psyllium-keep additives to a minimum. Second, we have the commonly manufactured fibers including polydextrose and polyols, and maltodextrins. The Lifiber product, shown above, is available to include all of the above fibers in a readily digestible form.

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