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Categories of Health Issues and Relevant Solutions

Categories of Health Issues and Relevant Solutions HEART AND CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: *U Balance – Cholesterol – A fiber matrix complex, when mixed with water, milk or juice and taken before a meal, will help lower cholesterol, control glucose, and control body weight. *U Balance – Glucose – A fiber matrix product, when mixed with water,

Some Protein Shake Powder Helps Me to Make Great Shakes Filled With Nutrients I Need

Since I have been spending a lot more time going to the gym recently, I have decided to start making myself some protein shakes that I can use to make sure that I am able to get all of the different kinds of nutrients that I need on a regular basis. I just know that

Cardiovascular Health created by Unicity Transformation

Cardiovascular Health and the Unicity Transformation Program The conditions of weight loss, physical activity and behavior therapy is supported by the Unicity Transformation program. This program involves four prime Unicity supplements: Balance-cholesterol, Complete (meal replacement), Matcha-Energy, LiFiber. Also included is a 30 minute weekly coaching event plus an on-line system to monitor your diet and

Product Special for Health

An additional 10% discount is applied to several products starting on December 15.   This brings the total discount to 25% off the retail price. Included is free shipping when two or more of the products are ordered. Go to to view the following products. The products included are Unicity Balance-Cholesterol, Balance-Glucose, Matcha-Energy, Matcha-Focus,

Your Overall PRIME health

The Core Products to bring you to your PRIME in Health. Here are four products which are the foundation to improved overall health. Take them consistently and correctly and they will help you optimize your blood sugar levels, lose weight, support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels and have the energy to perform the needed exercise

Your Body Transformation

Unicity Transformation You can be at the prime of your life at any age.  Now is the time to get started looking and feeling like you are in your prime with this all-encompassing Transformation program. The Unicity Transformation program is a 12-week program that counsels each participant individually on improved nutrition, exercise, education and relationships, all

Heart Healthy Diets

Is your relationship with food standing in the way of health and a healthy heart.  Hearts are muscles and need good nutrition to work well…not just OK but GREAT! When you are hungry, do you just open the refrigerator door and start pulling out food without any planning. If you are diabetic or your blood

Transform Your Body

Transforming your body could involve a number of procedures if the following is identified: Realize that you need to lower your weight after finding out that your BMI is greater than 25. A BMI of 30 and greater is considered obese.  Search Google for BMI to determine your number. Finding out that your total cholesterol

Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

So often we hear the word – Metabolic Syndrome.  What does it mean and what affect does it have on our health? It is identified by three of the following risk factors generally associated with obesity: A large waist line – over 40” for men, 35” for women High triglycerides – over 150 mg/dL Low