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Protein Meal Replacement Shakes

Here is Unicity Complete, a delicious protein meal replacement shake, in either vanilla or chocolate flavor. This satisfying meal replacement is a smooth, high protein shake including 100% RDA of many vitamins and minerals. Included in each serving (36.8 g) is 20 g of protein. Taking this product will eliminate the possibility of a protein

Cleansing Your Body for Digestive Health

Here is an all-natural supplement formulated to purify your body and improve digestive regularity. This sounds ideal but few people want to talk about it. Bringing about the regularity of the bowel system is necessary and not necessarily easy to accomplish. Unicity Cleanse is the product that is powerful to work over 30 days to

Is your fiber intake sufficient for your health?

The amount of fiber recommended daily for women is 25 grams. The amount for men is 38 grams. The average amount of fiber taken daily is only 15 grams. The prime purpose of fiber is to reduce your odds of getting diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer. Your weight is managed, your cholesterol

A Meal Plan for Type 2 Diabetics

Here is a meal plan guide for people who have Type 2 Diabetes. Download the 25 page document below to provide details on the following outline of the plan. Food affects: (Pg 2) Your weight Your blood sugar Best food choices for people with diabetes (Pg 4) Beans/Legumes Whole Grains Lean Proteins Dairy Products Nuts

Are You Pre-Diabetic or are You Diabetic?

Do you have your blood sugar level checked periodically? What can be done to reduce a blood sugar level? Do you need to lose weight? Are you overweight or obese? Have you had the HbA1c test? What is the result? According to the American Diabetes Association in 2012 there were 86 million people in the

Joint Pain and Its Effect on Wellness.

Are you experiencing pain while walking or moving any of your joints? Walking with pain has a negative effect on the feeling of wellness.  The feeling of wellness is dependent upon walking with no pain. The solution to this painful activity is a product called CM PLEX. This is a patented and clinically proven product involving fatty

Cardio Essentials, the Answer to Heart Health

Your heart health is one of the most important parts of the human body. Here is a product that is ranked as a prime product to resolve heart health.  It is listed in the PDR (physician’s desk reference) as a product designed for heart health and accepted by the medical world. Cardio Essentials is a