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Avoid Heart Attacks

A healthy cardiovascular system needs building blocks to make it strong. Vascular Complete is a unique product that has been specifically formulated with nutrients known to help maintain the health of blood vessels by promoting blood vessel elasticity, strength, and efficiency. When used in conjunction with Cellular Essentials, nutrients and cell repair factors optimize the

Probiotic Supplements for Digestive Health

What are some of the health benefits of probiotics? Discomfort in the digestive system is reduced Natural defenses in the body are supported The bowel function is improved Diarrhea often occurs in 1 out of 3 times for people undergoing  antibiotic treatment. The diarrhea condition most often occurs after the treatment is ended and can

A New Supplement to Resolve Arthritic Pain

The pain associated with arthritis and its affect on the body is a real problem . Here are a few facts about the joints included in the human body. The body has over 360 joints. They are divided into 4 categories Hinge Gliding Pivot Ball and Socket There are 97 Million visits to the doctor

A Solution for Osteoarthritis

A few facts: Osteoarthritis (a.k.a. OA) affects an estimated 27 million Americans. OA  increases as people age.  Most people, 60 and over, have QA to some degree. Generally it develops due to a joint injury or stress from overuse. More women than men develop OA after the age of 50. If you, a relative or

CoQ10 (Advanced Formulation)

CoQ10 is a vital product that supports cardiovascular health. It is also essential to support the creation of energy in the body. The problem, experienced by a high percentage of the population, is the risk of heart disease. Statin drugs are normally prescribed for individuals to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. The side effect

The favorite meal can be harmful to your health

According to Dr. Oz you can lower your risk of heart disease by revising three prime meals – pizza, sub sandwiches and burger meals from the drive-thru restaurant. These three high calorie, high fat meals are the worst meals craved by the average person, especially men. Pizza ranks as the worst offender resulting in clogging